Glutagenics - Testimonial

"The Glutangenics L-Glutamine/DGL/Aloe Vera powder is the best gut-healing supplement I have found. In Jan 2012, I decided to end my 20 year stint on PPIs (acid reflux medicine) and quit cold turkey. (Just because it was ok for me to do this doesn't mean it will be ok for you! Please consult your doctor.) I was overweight, sick and suffered from constant acid reflux symptoms even on the PPIs. I tried every home remedy. I went gluten free. But it wasn't until I found the glutagenics powder that I started to be free of reflux symptoms. It's expensive but it is worth it. I take it as directed. I'm on my second container of it and I only suffer from mild acid reflux from time to time. I also believe that this product, along with diet (paleo) has eradicated my IBS symptoms. I've lost 44 pounds, and I have a new lease on life. "

- By TF14850 on December 30, 2012


"I have Crohn's disease and was on this supplement for about a year while I was really sick. I had previously had acid reflux for years. It went away after just one day on the product. Never had it since. When I had to have part of my small bowel removed, the surgeon was shocked that only a small section was diseased. He was expecting to cut out a lot more and put me on a bag. That didn't happen. I credit it to being on this supplement. I really do think I could have been a lot worse without it. Now that I'm in remission, I still take it. Great product."

- By Paul on September 17, 2011


"great product... it's done to me what regular medicine couldn't do, I highly recommend this product to anyone with stomach problems."

- By Gary R Steele on December 9, 2013


"My stomach lining was severely damaged in 2004 due to a medication to treat a life-threatening infection. I was told that I would be on medications for the rest of my life and that my "stomach would never heal". I have been taking Glutagenics for 2 years. My stomach pain and burning started improving within weeks and I am eating foods I haven't been able to eat in years. My medication has been cut back drastically. You need only a few ounces of water and it seeems to work best between meals on an empty stomach, 3-4 times a day, the morning dose an hour or so before eating. This product was recommended to me by a medical professional. Obviously, this product changed my life! "

- By C. Burnett on May 31, 2012